End Of Lease Cleans | About the Company
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Who Are We

End of Lease Cleans is a vacate property cleaning service. питер работа Our experience is seamlessly combined работа москва with the best equipment, and cleaning products our industry has to offer. The end result is a company that can handle any vacate property de.medadvice.net cleaning project you have in mind.

Our contract cleaners are experienced and vetted on every possible level. Police checked, trustworthy and reliable. Our rates are the most competitive to be found anywhere. We work with bond, lease, and vacancy cleanings throughout Australia. We have worked with hundreds to help them to not only restore the original condition of the space, but to ensure they get their bonds back from property managers and landlords.

What We Do

Living in vibrant cities such as Melbourne  Sydney Brisbane Adelaide and Gold Coast is fun. The life of the residents is busy because there are many ways to enjoy after a busy day at work. People often complain they do not find any time to clean up their houses, offices, or apartments. This is a huge challenge for them to keep the house or apartment clean.

We offer solutions to the problems of such people. We have a team of trained and experienced people who know how to clean a house, office, or apartment. One of our distinguishing features includes going an extra mile to deliver. As soon as you order a service, we assign the task to the most suited person in our team.